What can I say, it’s finally here!! Thank you for your patience!

I hope you will hear the care, the love, the fun & delight, and all the magic in the music!

(If you have bat ears you might even spot a sci-fi sound effect spinning off in one of the songs, there’s a clue in there 😉

There were some very special moments making this album which I’ll write about in due course.

For now, I would personally LOVE (although however you want to listen please go for it!!) if you might be able to create a little ‘you’ time and take a walk, stroll along the beach, sit in a cafe, play it in your car, on a plane or train, maybe forgo some TV one eve, and relax & listen from beginning to end..

That would be a GIFT 🙂

Please post or message me on Facebook and let me know which songs connect with you and if you have any favs etc. Maybe I’ll collect some fan quotes!

And if you like, love, want to SHOUT FROM THE ROOF TOPS ABOUT IT, PLEASE DO! All spreading of the word to friends & family and sharing on social media is SO APPRECIATED. I’ve decided to self release this album which means I don’t have a big marketing spend like the big wigs so if everyone tells one person, well.. who knows what could happen..!

As I wrote in my album booklet – Music loves ears, so thank you for yours 🙂


Excited to finally be able to say – “BEACHWOOD CANYON – OUT NOW!

Jem x